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Experience the difference with Hayden. We promise we're not just 'stringing' you along

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How It Works

Step 1

Slides Between Teeth

Designed to fit even the tightest spaces

Step 2

Expands for Deep Clean

Expanded microfibers gently trap & remove plaque

Step 3


Enjoy your clean teeth!

The mechanics

See the Difference with Hayden Expanding Floss

  • Deeper Clean with Expanding Fibers + Anti Tartar Actives

    Hundreds of microfibers create a ‘loofah like’ mesh that traps & removes plaque and stains

  • Woven Thin to Fit Tight Spaces

    Knitted tightly and coated with microcrystalline wax, this woven floss fits even the tightest gaps so it’s easy to use for all smile types

  • Ultra Gentle & Safe on Gums

    Designed for cloudlike comfort, Hayden Floss is safe for sensitive gums and comfortable to use

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    Made with Care: PFA-free, Vegan, No Animal Testing

    Good products require good practices. Hayden is committed to the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes

The mechanics

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We're creating the new oral care essentials: easy-to-use and super effective products for your oral health. Always with science behind us and dental professionals at our side, we're here to help you relax and smile. 

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