Bleeding Gums? How Floss Can Help

Do your gums bleed? Changes to your oral care routine can stop bleeding gums in their tracks.

So, why are your gums bleeding? The short answer is inflammation. When bad bacteria begins to accumulate on your gums, plaque forms triggering a response from your body that can lead to uncomfortable sensitivity and the bleeding that follows.

Here’s the Solution:

Flossing is a must when speaking about your oral hygiene care. Floss reaches places that your toothbrush can’t, and this allows for a better clean every time!

According to the ADA,

“Interdental cleaning helps remove debris and interproximal dental plaque, the plaque that collects between two teeth; dental floss and other interdental cleaners help clean these hard-to-reach tooth surfaces and reduce the likelihood of gum disease and tooth decay.”

Time and time again clinical data and experience have shown me that the mechanical action of flossing not only can help in removing plaque biofilm but can also promote blood circulation and improve the health of your gums. As a dental professional, when I evaluate products to recommend to my patients, I look for:

  • Evidence-based data
  • High-quality materials and ingredients
  • Does it improve the oral health of patients?

When it comes to floss, I like to use this analogy: picking dental floss is like picking new shoes; if it’s not the right fit it just won’t work! So, when you walk down the dental products aisle think about your needs and choose something that fits.

Hayden floss is designed to fit tight spaces, and it expands to fill larger gaps for a deeper clean. Plus, it tastes amazing! 

Remember to add flossing as part of your daily routine, and don’t be afraid to try our Polar Mint floss!

As always, keep smiling!




Please note: If your bleeding gums are not getting better with changes to routine or are unsure regarding the reliability of certain products please consult your dental health professional.