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Designing the Perfect Floss

We're a team of smile obsessives that set out to make the perfect floss. We wanted a floss that could do it all

Goal 1:

Find a floss thin enough to glide between tight teeth without shredding

Goal 2:

Clean completely by removing plaque & stains - not just slide around

Goal 3:

Develop & manufacture products responsibly so that they're safe & easy to use
The mechanics
The mechanics

Expanding For Deeper Clean

You can see the difference right away with hundreds of expanding microfibers.

Hayden Expanding Floss is woven tightly to fit between tight gaps and then expand between teeth to capture plaque and stains.

The result is a deeper clean you can see instantly as the floss visibly expands into a “loofah” with every swipe. 

How Hayden Compares

Unlike ordinary dental tape, Hayden Expanding Floss is composed of a mesh of microfibers that traps & removes plaque and stains.

Designed for complete benefits, Hayden Expanding Floss delivers a refreshing clean

The mechanics
The mechanics

Super-Charged Ingredients

With a refreshing Polar Mint flavor and Anti-Tartar Actives, Hayden Expanding Floss  keeps breath fresh and prevents the build up of harmful plaque

Plus, our floss is Vegan, No PFAs, No Animal Testing, No Teflon

Professional Reviews

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical LeeAnn Winkler, RDH, BSDH
Past Texas Dental Hygiene Association President

"Not only is this floss made up of hundreds of microfibers that all help to clean your teeth, in the presence of saliva it expands to reach even more area. And it tastes great and helps to prevent tartar build-up with its anti-tartar formula."

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Claire Jeung MS, RDH
Founder of SmarterDA / StudentRDH

“I'm excited about the floss!  I like it!  It really gets into the interproximal spaces to fill it and grab plaque.  I normally use interdental brushes, but I feel this would do as well!"

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Lynda Bean, RDH, BSDH
Past Texas Dental Hygiene Association President

“Love this floss!  As a dental hygienist with 31 years of experience, I highly recommend this floss for its cleaning ability.  In addition to its effectiveness, it has a wonderful polar mint flavor.”

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Rachael Straus, RDH

“It’s a perfect mint floss that slides between your teeth (even tightly spaced ones!) and then EXPANDS! It turns into this perfectly puffy floss that allows you to reach more surfaces of the tooth! The best part is only the floss that touched the saliva expands which allows you to see EXACTLY which part of the floss you used!!!  I am SUCH a fan!!!”

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Saray Guzman, RDH

“When I try a new product I always think how it can accommodate the needs of my patients. What I really liked about this floss was how it contours to every need from tight contacts to larger spaces. It can be used by virtually everyone regardless of their dental needs.”

Dr. Samuel H. Malone Havard Medical Jennifer Falales, RDH

“I got a sample from RDH UOR Texas and have been using it since.  I feel like it grabs on to plaque better. And my teeth feel really clean and minty after. I also tried it on some patients and so far so good. No shredding on tight contacts!”


Unlike ordinary dental tape which can slip by teeth without cleaning, Hayden Expanding Floss contains hundreds of microfibers that trap & sweep away plaque for a refreshing result

Hundreds of microfibers with a wax coating and anti-tartar formula

No, our floss is PFA-free

We're thrilled that you'd like to incorporate Hayden into your practice. 

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Yes, the floss is vegan