Hayden Floss - 2 Pack

Expanding floss for a deep & gentle clean


Each container includes 30 yards of Expanding Floss

  • Hayden Expanding Floss
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A woven expanding floss that fits tight gaps and delivers a deep, gentle clean

  • Vegan
  • PFA-Free
  • No Teflon
  • No Animal Testing

How it Works

Hayden Expanding Floss contains hundreds of tightly woven microfibers that slide in between teeth & then expand for a deep clean

What's Inside

Polar Mint, Anti-Tartar Actives, Microcrystalline Wax, Deionised Water

Deep Clean

Microfibers expand when between teeth for a deeper clean with a single swipe

Cleansing Formulation

Polar Mint & Anti-Tartar Actives for a Refreshing Clean

Ultra Gentle

Cloudlike comfort that's safe on gums and enamel

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